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Based in Fethard, Co. Tipperary, Ribworld has been in operation for ten years.  We provide top quality cooked products including our speciality which is ribs, to retailers, caterers and consumers all over Ireland, UK and many parts of Europe too. Having recently been acquired by M&M Walshe, the Ribworld brand continues to stand for excellence and quality.

About Us

Based in Fethard, Co. Tipperary RibWorld has been in operation for ten years. We provide top quality cooked products including our Award Winning Ribs to retailers, caterers and consumers in Ireland, UK and across Europe. Having recently been acquired by M&M Walshe in 2011 , the RibWorld brand continues to stand for excellence and quality.



Product Range

Customised products for caterers and foodservice providers

Many of our customers are caterers who choose Ribworld as their ribs of choice for menus all over Ireland, the UK and beyond. We have a thorough understanding of your sector and we work hard at providing products that are specifically suited to your needs – both in terms of preparation and product type/taste. This range is suitable for all foodservice providers as well as wholesalers. Review our product options below.


Pork Loin Spare Ribs

Frozen or Chilled

  • Full rack of ribs (450g-550g)
  • Portion sized single cut ribs (customer’s requirements)
  • Half rack of ribs (260g-275g)

All of the above can be packed to 5kg or 10kg box or depending on customer requirements


Pork Medallions

Frozen or Chilled

  • Full pork tenderloin (steak) (550g)

Packed depending on customer requirements


Pulled Pork

  • Pork Shoulder (360g – 500g)

Packed in 5kg or 10kg box or depending on customer requirements


Pork Shanks

  • Two pork shanks per portion in each bag (500g per bag approx)
  • Five shanks per portion in each bag (250g per shank piece approx)

Packed depending on customer requirements


Beef Brisket

  • Prime Beef Brisket (300g – 500g)

Packed depending on customer requirements


Pulled Beef

  • Prime Beef Brisket (300g – 400g)

Packed depending on customer requirements



Developing products for your customers.

At Ribworld, we believe a major element of our business is ensuring we stay in touch with the changing buying behaviour and habits of your customers.

Our New Product Development team can work closely with your executive chefs to investigate new opportunities as well as bringing product ideas and alternatives to their attention.

From issues including portion control to developing brand new tastes, when we work on NPD, we have your customers in mind and analyse how we can help you provide them with the products they want.

Find out more about our process from consumer research to concept development and production, our complete service looks after every aspect of New Product Development with you.

Our Ten Step New Product Development Process

      Market Research
      Consumer Analysis
      Customer Feedback
      Concept Development
      Prototype Developments
      Taste Testing
      Focus Groups and feedback
      Product specification finalised
      Product performance analysis



Compliance is as crucial in our business as it is in yours

We use the most up-to-date manufacturing technology to produce our specialist rib products at Ribworld. This includes a full traceability system from intake, incorporating all production processes, right through to dispatch. We are fully aware of the challenges faced in your industry and we work hard to ensure the systems are in place to ensure you remain 100% confident in our product range.

It’s crucial we continuously develop these systems to ensure superior quality, consistency and reliable supply. Every Ribworld product at each production process is tracked.

The company operates a full HACCP system and is accredited by BRC at the highest ‘A’ level. In terms of our suppliers, our business is based on close working relationships with reliable and professional suppliers. In our industry, a solid partnership is vital as it allows us to meet our clients’ requirements with confidence and security. At Ribworld, we see traceability as a vital issue and have a complete traceability programme in place for many years.




Only the most flavoursome ribs from Ribworld

Quality and taste is what sets us apart from our competitors. With a dedicated NPD team and many years of experience in food processing and preparation, at Ribworld, flavour is always one of our priorities. We’re glad to consult with your executive chefs as part of our NPD and flavour development process. Read about our top flavours below and check in regularly to see what new options we’re working on.

bbqThis is the original and perhaps still one of the best. It’s a sure favourite for family events, parties, small gatherings and is also a firm favourite for a finger licking starter. At Ribworld, we use our special blend of spices and sauce to achieve a smoky, tomato, sticky, sweet and delicious BBQ product.
piri-piriIf you’re looking to add a little spice to the menu, try our piri-piri flavour. Piri Piri is cultivated from Capsicum frutescens, one of the sources of Chilli Pepper. It grows in the South and West of Africa.  It’s originally Portuguese and is an ever- present in countries from Angola and Namibia to Mozambique and South Africa. Ribworld’s Piri-piri sauce is made from crushed chillies, herbs and spices. 
hoisinFor some Oriental input, our Chinese flavour is a Peking based hoisin sauce. For generations, the Chinese use hoisin sauce as a glaze for meats and as a condiment. Hoisin is a reddish-brown sauce that’s salty, sweet, and spicy.
garlicThis old French classic is a fragrant tomato based sauce with notes of garlic and herb. This will add something extra to your rib-based dish.garlic-bulb
muscovadoAs a type of unrefined brown sugar with a strong molasses flavour, muscovado is found in dishes all over the world. We have developed this sauce with the gammon shanks in mind as the sweet muscovado flavour complements and balances the saltiness of the shank to perfection.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you. For general inquiries, our details are as follows.

Tel: +353 (0)52 613 2374. Email: info@ribworld.ie

Address: RibWorld, Killenaule Road, Fethard, Co. Tipperary, Republic of Ireland

For more specific details – check out our list of contacts below

Director: Michelle Walshe – mwalshe@ribworld.ie

International Sales Contact: Denis Kelly – dkelly@ribworld.ie

Ireland Sales Contact: Denis Kelly – dkelly@ribworld.ie

Scandinavia Sales Contact: Michelle Walshe – mwalshe@ribworld.ie

Quality Manager: Stephanie Whitford – swhitford@ribworld.ie

New Product Development Manager: Noel Higgins – nhiggins@ribworld.ie

Human Resources: hr@ribworld.ie

Operations Manager: Ger Collins – gcollins@ribworld.ie


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